Cheryl Ana

Cheryl’s effortlessly sustainable elegance and her view on modernism are adjectives that can be used to describe her design sensibility.

Cheryl’s love for all things pure & natural (including natural healing, natural organic foods and organic crafts, art and design) this inspired by her Native American great-grand father.

This love for all things natural is manifested and showcased in her design sensibility. “We refer to our collection as ~Feng Shui for your personal temple~” Cheryl says. At CherylAna we have dedicated our work to the pursuit of a more holistic practice. ”A large portion of our collection includes hand-knits  as well as tailored cut and sew knit-dressing looks. We prefer knit textiles because they move and give naturally with the rhythm of your body. The natural luxury fibers breathe just as your skin does.”

Cheryl AnaCheryl Ana

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